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Windows 11: Read boot time

Windows 11: Boot-Zeit auslesen

Go to last BIOS time

The Windows task manager displays the corresponding information. The quickest way to access this tool is to use the Ctrl + Shift + Escape key combination . If you prefer to work with the mouse, right-click on the start button in the taskbar instead. In the context menu that opens, select the Task Manager entry .

If the utility starts without a tab and menu bar, click More details on the bottom left. Then switch to the Startup tab . There you will find the information Last BIOS time in seconds including one decimal place at the top right. The latter is separated in US format with a period instead of a comma.

This number indicates how long the BIOS or UEFI needed from switching on your computer to initialize the hardware before Windows starts. So it’s about the amount of time before the operating system starts.

Nevertheless, clear differences can already be seen at this point. The last BIOS time for a notebook about five years old was 18.6 seconds, while a device bought a year ago needed 7.3 seconds.

Customize firmware settings

Even if this time can never be reduced to zero seconds, a value that is as low as possible is advantageous. If you see a very high number of seconds, you can try reducing the duration in the firmware settings.

However, the options available to you in the UEFI BIOS depend heavily on the hardware. This may prevent your PC from showing a logo when booting. Or several seconds elapse while the computer tries to boot from a disabled network device due to the boot order that is set.

Before making any changes, however, you should always consult your computer’s manual to understand the effects of your adjustments.

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