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Windows 11: New function with phishing protection planned

Windows 11: Neue Funktion mit Phishing-Schutz geplant

More safety

Microsoft plans to add phishing protection to Windows 11. This should warn against unsafe websites and apps and prevent the loss of passwords.


Laptop with the Windows 11 logo on the screen
Windows 11 is constantly being expanded with new functions.
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Windows 11 will soon receive a new feature that protects against phishing. This was announced during an online event hosted by Microsoft.

Phishing protection should therefore become an integral part of Windows 11 and prevent sensitive data or passwords from reaching third parties via insecure websites or apps.

The Deskmodder site has already taken a closer look at the new phishing protection and describes that three different security features are currently available that can be activated separately.

These are warnings about “malicious applications and websites”, warnings about password reuse and insecure password storage . The latter refers to the detection of websites that are not adequately protected against phishing attempts.

The new settings will be available under Windows Security -> App and browser controls -> Reliability-based protection after release . It is currently not known when exactly the phishing protection will be introduced in Windows 11.



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