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Telegram App : clear cache


Open settings

Telegram stores items such as images and videos in its cache to make accessing them faster. If you clean up this cache, more free storage space will be available again and Messenger will usually run faster again. Chats and manually saved media are not deleted by this process. If you want to be on the safe side, you should still back up important content in advance.

To clear the cache, first start Telegram as usual. Then tap on the three horizontal lines, the so-called hamburger icon , in the top left of the Messenger’s main view . In the menu that then opens, select the Settings item .

clear cache

Navigate further to Data & Storage and then tap Storage Usage in the Data & Storage Usage section . In the following dialog, below Device memory, you can see how much space the Telegram cache occupies on your device. It continues with a finger tap on the button Clear Telegram cache .

The next page details where the application is using memory. If necessary, you can deselect individual content at this point, which then remains in the cache. Simply remove the tick in front of the respective categories.

Once all options are set, tap the Clear Cache button at the bottom . If the delete action was successful, Telegram finally reports completion and states again how much storage space you have regained by emptying the cache.


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