Residential Turf Installation- A Convenient Alternative To Real Grass

Would you like a lawn that is pleasing to the sight with its lush green grass ready to greet the visitors? 

Consider the hard work and commitment that goes into creating such an outdoor space? Are you even ready to invest your money and energy in its upkeep? If you find it hard to commit, residential turf installation is one of the smartest ways to add value to your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Benefits Of Residential Turf Installation

Like every other landscaping feature, turf has its own pros and cons that you need to carefully weigh before installing it on your residential property. However, the pros of a high-quality artificial turf laid by professionals outweigh its few cons.

Prevents Water Wastage

While the real grass requires regular watering to remain lush, green and healthy, turf is a popular choice for those who are particular about saving water.

Low-Maintenance Alternative For Real Grass

Unlike real grass, turf requires minimum maintenance. While it does require repair or replacement in case it is torn, artificial lawns are generally considered to be maintenance-free as compared to natural grass, since there’s no hassle to trim or clean the turf regularly as you do with real grass. 

The Grass Remains Greener

High-quality residential turf looks almost like natural grass unless you observe it very closely. This brings you the benefit that your grass remains greener at all times. There are no ugly brown patches on your artificial turf like those that appear on the real grass.

Pro Tips For Turf Installation

If you are to pick between real grass that requires regular watering, frequent trimming, and lots of pesticides along with your time, energy, and money to remain lush green; and artificial turf that looks just as good as real grass with minimum maintenance, what will you choose? You’ll surely go for residential turf installation unless you have plenty of free time and energy to spend on the natural grass.

However, investing in any such project requires some prior knowledge about where to start. Following are a few important aspects of residential turf installation you must know beforehand.

Choosing The Best Turf

Choosing the best turf is essential to ensure the functionality and visual appeal of your outdoor space. Nowadays, you get plenty of options to choose a turf that perfectly matches your sense of style and your regional climate. It is also essential to determine how you plan to use the area before selecting your turf blade.

For instance, if you are planning to install turf for your kids’ play area, make sure to choose turf with soft blades. Whereas if you have pets at home, you can even go for stronger blades that can survive the frequent usage.

Professional turf installers not only guide you about choosing the right turf for your home, but they also ensure the correct turf installation so you can attain all the benefits it has to offer.

Laying A Proper Drainage System

As much as choosing the correct turf is vital, laying a proper drainage system beneath your turf is equally as essential. Without proper drainage, your residential turf will eventually ruin. Make sure you choose qualified turf experts who know the importance of placing a base beneath your artificial grass to keep it dry. Ignoring the drainage aspect will turn out to be a disaster for you once you start using the area.

Making Sure The Ground Is Level

For a faultless residential turf installation, the surface of your ground should be level. Examining the entire area and making sure there are no uneven spots is a prerequisite to a perfectly laid turf.

Creating A Weed Barrier 

After levelling the entire area, there’s one more step to ensure you don’t face any difficulty once your turf is installed. Creating a weed barrier underneath your turf is essential to prevent unwanted plants from growing through your artificial grass to ensure its longevity.

Essential Maintenance And Damage Repair

Lastly, once your turf installation is completed, don’t forget to ask the experts about essential maintenance and damage repair tips. Although turf is sturdier and low maintenance than natural grass, keeping spare patches to use in case of an accident will always come in handy.

Artificial turf is becoming a popular landscaping feature for homes around the world. Although it is quite simple to install, the right installation method adds to the look and functionality of your residential turf.

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