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Monitor the dog via app – always know what the pet is doing

Per App den Hund überwachen - Immer wissen was das Haustier macht -


If your animal friend can’t go to work, to friends or to a restaurant, it can be useful to install a dog surveillance camera at home, ideally connected to a handy app. So you always know how your pet is doing. As a rule, an app for monitoring the dog is connected to another device, such as a chip or a camera. In addition, dog monitoring offers one or the other advantage. There are various dog apps that can help keep an eye on the dog.

The dog monitor

An app that is simply installed on the smartphone and on another end device. With the dog monitor TappyTaps sro you always know what the dog is doing, whether it is barking, sleeping or raging. The app provides information about the dog’s behavior and activity and offers buttons for various commands. The activity log can be used to check how often the dog makes a sound and can be played back from stored videos for verification. It is also possible to talk to the four-legged friend, since the image is transmitted using real-time video. A one-time payment of between 5 and 6 euros is required for this.

Kippy EVO and Tractive

You can keep an eye on your dog’s location with Kippy EVO, for example. The waterproof tracker on the collar ensures that you can always keep an eye on the whereabouts of your pet. The data is transferred to the mobile phone and registers an activity level. In addition, the GPS device allows you to set up a virtual fence, as soon as your pet crosses this area, the Kippy app will notify you. All you have to do is buy the device for 50 euros and take out a subscription that costs between 3.33 and 7.99 euros per month. The Tractive app and collar tag work similarly to Kippy’s products. They track the dog’s activities and offer the option of setting up a geofence that limits the radius in which your dog is allowed to move. The tracker costs 50 euros once,

The Furbo Camera

The Furbo dog camera is an intelligent dog surveillance camera from Tomofun. It offers four-legged friends a welcome change in the time when they are free from their owners and gives their owners a good feeling when they are not there. The stylish and multifunctional device records audio and video, checks your dog’s status and allows you to dispense dry dog ​​food remotely at the push of a button. It also offers a night vision function that allows you to keep an eye on your pet even in the dark. The app is very easy to use and can be linked to Amazon’s Alexa. You pay a one-off fee of 200 euros for the package.

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