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Faster sharing: You don’t know this Android 12 trick yet

Schneller Teilen: Diesen Trick von Android 12 kennt Ihr noch nicht! | NextPit

At the launch of Android 12, the main focus was the new “Material You” design. Google has also added smaller practical functions. One of the most useful is a new option to quickly share images and links via the “recently used apps” and app overview respectively.

The support of this sharing function can vary in the adaptations of the different manufacturers. At least with Pixel smartphones, the quick release option can be used in the multitasking screen – by calling up the recently used apps.

  1. Opens the Recent apps screen , either:
    1. [Using Gesture Navigation] Swipe up from the bottom, hold the button briefly, then release.
    2. [Using the navigation bar] Tap the “□” menu button to open the app overview.
  2. Tap on the displayed icons for images or links (see image).
  3. Choose the option you want: Copy  or  Share .

In our testing, the feature was available in apps like Chrome, YouTube (quick link sharing), Play Store, Files, Photos, and Chat, but not Gmail, Drive, or Calendar.

The function can be added by developers to their applications. As the number of compatible phones running Android 12 is still small, it will likely take a while for the quick share option to become more widespread.


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