Ducted Air Conditioning- Your Gateway To A Smarter And Cooler Lifestyle

The world is progressing at a fast pace. Gone are the days when you would come back after a long tiring day at work to an equally hot home, switching on your air conditioner and waiting patiently until it cools down your space to a comfortable temperature. 

With the advancements in technology, you can now turn your home into a smart home with centralized air conditioning integrated with your home automation system. This means a cool and comfortable home awaits to welcome you daily after work. Still clueless about how it works? Let’s make it simple.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted aircon is a centralised air conditioning system with an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit that is installed inside the roof cavity of your home making it hardly visible unlike the regular wall mounted split units. A network of ducts is responsible for carrying cool air to different parts of your home. These days, ducted air conditioners are also available with reverse-cycle air conditioning to heat your homes during the winters.

After commercial properties, ducted air-con has become widely popular across Brisbane homes because of the ease and comfort it brings along. You can integrate your ducted air conditioning system with home automation to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while having complete control of your home’s energy consumption.

Here are a few of the many benefits of installing ducted air conditioning in your residential property:

Freedom To Customise Temperature Of Different Rooms

Even if you don’t have individual split units installed in different rooms of your home, you can still customise the rooms with different temperature settings with ducted air conditioning.

This means, with a single ducted air conditioning unit, you can easily regulate the temperature of different rooms according to the preference and comfort level of people living in those rooms. For instance, if you have elderly parents with little tolerance to cold temperature, you can regulate their room’s temperature to a moderate temperature setting with a single ducted Aircon installation.

Works Best For Open Plan Living

Split air conditioners work best in confined places. However, having super energetic kids at home makes it almost impossible to maintain the temperature of your home with split air conditioners since they keep on moving from one room to another. Ducted air conditioning is an effective cooling solution for such homes without having to keep your little ones confined to limited space. With a ducted air con in your Brisbane home, you remain free from worry while your kids explore new things and enjoy each day of their childhood to the fullest.

Lower Energy Bills

Ducted air conditioning units save more energy than having multiple fans and air conditioners installed all through your house. You just need one efficient unit to keep your entire home cool. These air conditioners, when integrated with smart home technology, sense when the rooms are vacant and automatically switch off to save on your energy bills. They also have smart sensors to monitor your movement and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Eye-catching Interior

If large wall-mounted split air conditioners bother your aesthetic sense, it’s high time you consider installing a ducted air con in your Brisbane home for the aesthetic appeal it has to offer. Since these units are hidden inside your roof cavity, you have endless options to style your home however you please.


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