7 Signs That Indicate You May Have A Faulty Electric Meter

Are you noticing a sudden rise in your energy bills while your electricity consumption is the same as before?

Chances are that the trouble you are facing is due to your faulty meter, and you should consider having a new electricity meter installation.

Most homeowners see an increase in their electricity bills due to a problem with their electric meter since it is the device responsible to calculate their energy consumption. When there occurs a fault with their meter, the device starts recording the energy that has never been used. If you come across such a situation, know that it’s time to replace your electric meter.

Here are a few signs that indicate your electric meter has a fault that needs the attention of a level 2 electrician. Only a reliable level 2 electrician can identify the exact problem in order to fix it for you.

  • Digital Meter Showing Error Sign

If you recently had an electric meter installation or replacement, you most probably have a digital meter installed on your property. These digital meters are easier to read than the old and traditional ones. If your digital meter says “Error”, “Fault”, or “Battery”, know that something is wrong. Sometimes your electricity meter installation comes with a warning light that turns on when there’s a fault. As soon as you see the warning light, call a level 2 electrician and have it inspected. Otherwise, be ready for a shockingly high electricity bill.

  • Double Or Triple Billing For Same Consumption

If you feel your electricity bill has doubled or tripled while your electricity usage is the same as before, try to figure out the reason behind this difference. Check if the energy prices have increased lately or you’ve installed a new electrical appliance at your home. If there’s no change in any of the two factors, then your meter needs an inspection.

  • Same Billing For Lesser Electricity Consumption

If you’ve spent more time outside than usual or you have made deliberate efforts to reduce your energy consumption, there should be a visible difference in your electricity bill. However, if the case is different while the energy prices are the same as before, it’s a clear signal that your electricity meter has a fault. Only a qualified electrician can find out if it’s time to have a new electric meter installation.

  • Noisy Electric Meter

Electric meters shouldn’t make any noise. If your electric meter is making strange noises, there are high chances that it needs to be replaced.

  • Very Fast Or Inconsistent Meter Reading

How can you check if your meter is turning too fast? Here’s a simple solution.

Without switching on any appliance, watch your electricity meter for a few minutes. While doing so, if you notice an unusual or inconsistent speed with which the digits are turning, your electricity meter is probably damaged.

  • Electricity Outage

If everyone in your neighbourhood has electricity while you face a power outage, your electric meter could be faulty or broken. Heavy storms can sometimes cause severe damage to your electricity meter and hence your power goes out.

Such a scenario requires immediately informing your power supply company, so a licensed level 2 electrician can come and replace your electric meter.  

  • Old And Inaccurate Electricity Meters

Electric meters are made to last for years. However, with time and usage, your old meters start giving inaccurate readings. Your power supply company checks them occasionally to ensure they are working accurately. If your electric meter is old and rusty, chances are that it is showing incorrect readings.

What To Do If You Suspect A Faulty Meter

Remember, fixing or replacing a faulty meter is not a DIY job. Never try to dismantle your electric meter on your own or else you’ll get into even bigger trouble. As soon as you suspect your electric meter needs replacement, call a professional to sort the issue for you.

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